Work Requests in Kansas City

Green Factor Insulation is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Kansas City. Learn more about Green Factor Insulation's recent work requests in Kansas City and nearby areas!

Learn more about Green Factor Insulation's recent work requests in Kansas City, MO
Vicinity of Charlotte St in Kansas City
We had insulation added to our attic a few years ago, but the contractor did not air seal first.
Vicinity of in Kansas City
We bought our home in March of this year, we were advised that the insulation in our attic was low and would need to add to it. After putting it off and dealing with high electric bills this summer, we are ready to fix the situation and save some money before winter.
Vicinity of McGee St in Kansas City
I have a house with an air conditioning unit that I think is return air starved and needs additional return ducts (potentially supplies). When I remove the air filter you can hear the blower motor spin up. Currently I have two rooms with no functioning air return (even if there is a cutout for a return vent in the wall). All of these pass through the garage area and I'd like to have them sealed up as well as a part of this efficiency improvement project.
Vicinity of Wyoming Street in Kansas City
Attic insulation, rim joist insulation
Vicinity of Nw Claymont Woods Dr in Kansas City
Attic insulation concerns
Vicinity of Jefferson St in Kansas City
I need my basement rim joists insulated. My goal is to hopefully make the house slightly less drafty.
Vicinity of Maiden Ln in Kansas City
We recently bought a house built in the 50s. Cinderblock walls, would like to finish basement. Looking to get quote to have entire basement properly insulated
Vicinity of Cherry Street in Kansas City
Looking for a quote to weatherize my company's building in the crossroads area of Kansas City.
Vicinity of Oakley in Kansas City
Home is not staying cool due to insufficient insulation in the attic
Vicinity of NW Coronado St in Kansas City
Want better and added insulation throughout my attic to help keep the house and bedrooms cool. AC tends to run a lot and sometimes trouble keeeping it to the set temperature. Was told that added insulation should help and improve. Would like a quote
Vicinity of Ward Parkway Plaza in Kansas City
Need rim joist insulation in 1940 home in Waldo neighborhood. Old fiberglass insulation needs replaced