Work Requests in Lawrence

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Learn more about Green Factor Insulation's recent work requests in Lawrence, KS
Vicinity of in Lawrence
My Dad is wanting to put more insulation in his attic. He has about 2800 sq. ft. and was wondering what it would cost. Thanks
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Interested in increasing attic floor insulation
Vicinity of Princeton in Lawrence
Adding insulation to the attic
Vicinity of Indiana St. in Lawrence
I was hoping to get an estimate on insulating our house, particularly the attic.
Vicinity of Barker Avenue in Lawrence
Good Energy said our energy bills seem high and we should have the depth of our insulation checked.
Vicinity of Prairie Avenue in Lawrence
Roof of older house needs foam insulation. Footprint is 31'x24' and roof pitch is about 6.5/12 making the 2x4 roof rafters about 13 1/2'. Looking for estimate for open cell vs closed cell foam. Thank you. Andy
Vicinity of Kasold Dr in Lawrence
Hello! I am inquiring about a quote to add insulation in my attic, which is approximately 2,000 sq ft. There is some existing insulation but multiple areas with no insulation. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Multiple cold areas in home. I know where they are but don't know what to do. I also don't know costs so that is great starting point in discussions. Most notable cold areas are in corners of rooms, under kitchen sink, and in our master bedroom. I prefer e-mail communication at this time.
Vicinity of Harvard Rd. in Lawrence
Not sure what insulation services we may need. Possibly we should have an energy audit first. I believe we have a fair amount of blown in insulation in our attic. I think a couple of our windows although double paned are old and ineffective.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
We had a mouse infestation in the attic, need to remove all blown in insulation and replace the insulation. Approximately 1300 sq. feet.
Vicinity of Indiana St. in Lawrence
We need our attic insulated.
Vicinity of Easy Street in Lawrence
We just bought our house this summer and there is this "bonus space" over the garage we want to see if we could get it insulated. It does not seem to be insulated at this time.
Vicinity of Doolittle Drive in Lawrence
Our master bedroom is right above our garage and it's so loud when the door is open/closed. It wakes up my entire family
Vicinity of Colt Dr in Lawrence
Additional attic insulation.
Vicinity of Topeka Lane in Lawrence
4" of blown in insulation in attic. Need bid to see if it is extremely expensive and/or we will do ourselves.
Vicinity of Missouri Street in Lawrence
We live in a 1924 Craftsman home in an older part of Lawrence. There are some extensions on the house that appear to be well-insulated, but our children's room is in an older portion of the house that does not seem to have much insulation. We also have an upstairs hall area that is not insulated. Looking for a quote on what can be done / how invasive it will be to do something / costs vs. savings, etc.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
We recently had our upstairs bathroom remodeled. We put in a heated floor. Our friend that remodeled the bathroom told us that we needed to put fiberglass insulation under the floor. Our basement is unfinished so that isn't that difficult. He also told us that we needed to put insulation from the top of the basement wall to where the base of the house begins. At one time our basement was finished but the people we bought it from gutted the whole thing and all the insulation from that spot. He suggested that we use spray foam for that section. I was just curious as to what that would cost to have done.
Vicinity of New York St. in Lawrence
Recently purchased a home and pricing out projects. Have a detached unisulated garage I'd like to take care of before I clutter it up.
Vicinity of Forrest Ave in Lawrence
I have a small house - about 900 sq ft. Completely remodeled. Would like to add crawl space insulation.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
AC running a lot. 2nd floor 10 - 15 degrees warmer than first. Email please.
Vicinity of Wheaton Dr in Lawrence
I need an area under a bedroom (which sits on an entrance overhang) insulated.
Vicinity of Oxford Rd. in Lawrence
We just got a bid on a new roof. The roofer said that the insulation in our attic is matted down and probably isn't working as it should. We would like a bid on repairing/replacing our current insulation, whichever seems to be appropriate. We are open to various insulation materials but would prefer the most energy-efficient and long-lasting insulation that we can afford. Thanks!
Vicinity of Grove Drive in Lawrence
Attic insulation quotation
Vicinity of Arkansas ST. in Lawrence
Would like an estimate for insulation of a small cellar. Thank you.
Vicinity of Michigan St in Lawrence
Drafty old house that needs upgraded insulation and likely other sealing work
Vicinity of Saint Andrews Drive in Lawrence
My house was built in 1977, we've been in it for two years and continue to struggle with basement plumbing which is located on outside walls of the home. Most recently had a frozen pipe and have had to remove sheetrock from wall as a result of pipe bursting. We discovered there is cold air freely moving through the wall space but unable to locate source of entry.
Vicinity of Winterbrook Drive in Lawrence
I would like to know approximately what it would cost to insulate the attic above my three car garage.
Vicinity of Ohio St in Lawrence
We have a crawl space under our entryway that is freezing, and we would like to consult on options for insulating it, as well as an attic space above a bedroom that is insufficiently insulated.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Have out building that needs sealing sprayed.
Vicinity of Stone Creek Dr in Lawrence
Poorly insulated garage;
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Insulation amounts in attic are to low. Been working on the house to be more energy efficient. Want to check out options to make my attached garage more energy efficient as well. Putting in new insulated garage door and will be replacing doors that lead to the outside. Want to eventually be able to work on projects in the garage in the winter. New windows are being ordered as well.
Vicinity of N Michigan St. in Lawrence
We've moved into a new home and our upstairs bedrooms are extremely hot. One room especially, we cannot get cooled down with the ceiling fan and 2 box fans running. The room has a vaulted ceiling and the intense heat is coming from the closets. We believe we need to have some insulation between the closet walls & roof.
Vicinity of Vermont St. in Lawrence
I am doing a kitchen renovation that requires me to upgrade the insulation in the exterior walls. I will be exposing the studs, and need insulation between them and the wall boards for a house built in 1925. In addition, I'm interested in a quote for insulating the entire house.
Vicinity of Lindley Drive in Lawrence
Air sealing and insulation (attic)
Vicinity of Fenwick Rd in Lawrence
Our attic isn't conditioned but is very hot and may be affecting the upper level air conditioning efforts. The entrance to the attic is on the same level as second story bedrooms. Wondering if insulation is the issue.
Vicinity of Princeton Blvd in Lawrence
Just wanted someone to come out and review my current insulation and see if there was anything we could do to get the cooling bills down.
Vicinity of Sharon Ct in Lawrence
I'm interested in improving the energy efficiency of my home and wanted to learn more about options to improve insulation and weatherization.
Vicinity of Overlook Cir in Lawrence
Looking for an est. to spray insulation in attic
Vicinity of Andover St in Lawrence
The Master Bedroom is over the 2-car garage and we would like insulation added to help with how hot our bedroom gets. We may want to see about getting storm windows added as well, as all of our windows are single pane.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Very low amount of insulation in our attic. Would like better efficiency in summer.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
I am going to be building a new home and would like a bid on insulating the whole house. I would like to have closed cell foam in the exterior walls and roof with batts installed on top of foam. I have a set of drawings i can share with you. Please email me back so i can send you the info. Thank you.
Vicinity of Longhorn Drive in Lawrence
We need to add insulation to our attic. When we purchased the property, the home inspector said the insulation was the minimum amount he would recommend. The second level in our home is extremely warm in the summer.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
I have a metal outbuilding that is too cold to work in during the winter. I am currently getting estimates for heaters and I figured insulation will help keep my energy costs down.
Vicinity of Catalina Dr in Lawrence
We have a large ranch house in Lawrence with cellulose insulation in the attic. We would like a bid on removing all current insulation and replacing with spray foam.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Rough estimate to get duct work spray foamed cost wise. ( I can do myself just curious on price) I do need more batting blown in to have thicker layer. I can crawl up and take measurements if needed .square footage of house is roughly 1,300' I need to alter make up air for house though. Tired of smelling attic air
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Very small job. I just had a 24' x 26' metal building installed. It has weather trim, but I can see sunlight around the front and back (corners and around roof) where corners are attached. Looking for someone to spray foam these joints to eliminate blowing rain/snow coming in. No worried about appearance and don't need the entire building sprayed. Just the corners sealed (sides and top of the front and back) on the inside.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Good morning, I'm looking at having some work done to insulate my small 2-bedroom house. When I was doing some exterior work, I noted that it appears that the house has no insulation in the walls. I would like to get an estimate for the blown-in insulation for the walls for the entire home. Feel free to contact me by email or phone. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
I'm renting, but the floors are very cold to the touch. It is an older home, but I don't think there is any insulation in the crawl space. I'm trying to get an idea of how much it cost to install at least something that will help keep the heat in.
Vicinity of Crestline Dr in Lawrence
Need 6" of insulation blown into attic for protection in addition to what is already there. Home is 1,024 sq. ft.
Vicinity of ATCHISON AVE in Lawrence
We recently bought our home and the inspection listed the attic as needing additional insulation. We would like a quote to determine the cost of this project.
Vicinity of Moundview Drive in Lawrence
I am interested in attic insulation. I would appreciate any input regarding insulating our home. Thanks!
Vicinity of Deerfield Lane in Lawrence
Additionally insulation in the attic
Vicinity of Atchison Ave in Lawrence
Needing insulation in our attic. Wanting a quote only right now and information only. Need to save up first. Thank you.
Vicinity of Alabama Street in Lawrence
We have a 100 year old home without insulation in the walls and would like to see what it would take to insulate it.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Attic spray foam
Vicinity of Tumbleweed Ct in Lawrence
Inquiring about an estimate for additional attic insulation for a 1400 sf one-story slab home.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
Our crawlspace is vented with no vapor barrier, and no insulation beneath the floor joists nor at the foundation walls. Also, our ductwork down there is not insulated nor sealed well. Also, our attic currently has 5" of rock wool insulation, which we understand is a good amount less than recommended. Thanks, Ben
Vicinity of in Lawrence
I want my attic ventilation to be repaired so there is more air flow from soffits to ridge, and it meets code of IRC R806.2 Minimum Vent Area, and R806.3 Vent and Insulation Clearance. A contractor did sloppy work and didn't install enough soffit vents, blocked the soffit openings to the attic with rolled-up batting insulation, and blew-in cellulose insulation filling up some soffits. To create soffit baffles-- can you use Dr Energy Saver's Silverglo radiant foam panels and install them on the attic trusses to create a baffle to let soffit air into the attic and deter wind wash occurring? I could use the radiant barrier. I want to remove the unvented, wood soffit covering, and replace all of it with metal vented soffits to get maximum soffit air intake. There is not a roof ridge vent--just turtle vents near the ridge, and one roof exhaust fan.
Vicinity of in Lawrence
I am building a 2 car garage with a loft on top and looking for a bid for blown insulation.
Vicinity of New Hampshire in Lawrence
Attic insulation needed.